A successful career awaits

A naturopathic doctor is the only practitioner licensed, trained, and recognized as able to practice natural medicine. A life that you want to live is right at your fingertips when you graduate with an ND degree from SCNM. Whether it relates to the scope of practice, research, rewards, or public health, Life as an ND provides you with a wide number of opportunities for a successful career.

Alumni Presentations

Alumni Panel

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi is a health and weight loss expert who founded both The Fit Father Project and The Fit Mother Project to help other busy moms and dads get and stay permanently healthy for their families.

Dr. Danielle Lewis is skilled in treating common conditions that effect women of all ages. She is also skilled in acupuncture and other pain management therapies. 

Dr. Spice Lussier is not only a Naturopathic physician but also a leader in her industry whose passion is to provide state of the art care to her patients and coach fellow ND’s on how to grow their practice and thrive.

Dr. Steven Sorr is a highly recognized naturopathic physician who loves sharing his passion and expertise for living a healthy life blending modern science and traditional wisdom.

How I created a solo integrative practice

Dr. Tracy Wooten spoke with current students about what it takes to establish a successful solo practice.

How to find success in naturopathic medicine

Dr. Sharon Stills spoke with students about what they can do in medical school that will increase their success upon graduation.

Metabolism Reset Diet

A live stream from SCNM, Dr. Alan Christianson talks about his book "Metabolism Reset Diet". The new book presents a four-week cleanse that heals damage to the liver, helping readers unlock the key to rapid weight loss and lower blood sugar.