Shape the future of naturopathic medicine

SCNM has the only accredited, full-time and four-year doctor of naturopathic medicine degree program in the southwest. Our innovative curriculum blends classroom and online learning with hands-on clinical learning in a variety of settings including our on-site Medical Center, Pain Relief Center, and eight community clinics. SCNM broke the mold for naturopathic medical education in 2010 when it launched the first revised ND curriculum organized by systems and taught in an integrative block. SCNM’s curriculum is organized and delivered for optimal student learning through the use of the most advanced teaching methods, including team-based learning and case-based instruction.

These methods promote problem solving, critical thinking and teamwork in a medical setting, all of which support student engagement in early clinical experiences. Clinical milestones are achieved throughout the program and provide the appropriate progression of medical education for graduates to become successful naturopathic physicians. Plus, you'll be qualified to sit for the NPLEX board examination.

  Total patient care contact hours in years 3 and 4
  Physicians who participate in field observations and clerkships
  Average number of patients seen by each SCNM student

What to expect

Our naturopathic medical degree program is comprised of rigorous academic study and extensive supervised practice. In addition to all of the naturopathic therapies, you will also learn the same basic sciences as you would at a conventional medical program. Students graduate trained as primary care physicians with a focus in preventative medicine and natural treatment, but many go on to specialize further in specific fields and modalities.

Upon completion of the program, you will be awarded a doctor of naturopathic medicine (ND) degree. Graduates sit for professional board exams in order to become licensed as naturopathic physicians within regulated states or as individual jurisdictions allow. As a naturopathic physician with an SCNM education, you will join a generation of physicians dedicated not just to healing and preventing illness, but to empowering patients to regain control over their individual health and well-being. You will become part of a chapter of medical history that is simply inspiring.