Master of Science (M.S.) in Clinical Nutrition 

Help to change our society’s health with a Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition


With increased importance on nutrition as a preventive measure and treatment for chronic diseases, the demand for trained, qualified clinical nutrition practitioners has greatly outpaced the U.S. healthcare system’s capacity. The Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition program will help you transform your passion about nutrition into the ability to become a leader in the field of clinical nutrition while enhancing your ability to help others live a healthier lifestyle. You will gain the professional knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to develop and implement effective and evidence-based nutrition-related services to support individual and public health. 

Prepare for the Certified Nutrition Specialist Exam

Certified Nutrition Specialists (CNS) are advanced nutrition professionals. They engage in science-based advanced medical nutrition therapy, research, education, and more, in a variety of settings. They have fulfilled the most rigorous advanced-degree, education, experience, examination, and continuing education requirements. The Certified Nutrition Specialist certification is held by clinical nutritionists, physicians, and other advanced-degree healthcare professionals with a specialty in nutrition.

SCNM’s MS in Clinical Nutrition program is being designed to fulfill the current academic requirements for the CNS. BCNS requires a graduate degree in the field of nutrition from a regionally accredited university, specific coursework, and 1,000 hours of supervised experience. BCNS reviews each candidate individually, including current course descriptions, transcripts, and experience to determine eligibility. To learn more about becoming a CNS, visit www.NutritionSpecialists.org.

The online program structure allows you to earn your master’s degree while continuing to work full time in as little as 21 months. 

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