SCNM is proud to have a strong Student Government Association (SGA)

When you become a student, you and your classmates elect a class representative to serve for a one-year term on the Student Government Association.  Members of the SGA meet regularly with administration to discuss issues and concerns related to college operations and academics.

One member of the SGA also serves on SCNM’s Board of Trustees and various college committees and task forces.  Very few academic institutions in the nation have a student representative as part of their board.  Here at SCNM, we recognize that students are the largest part of the SCNM community, and we value the representation of our student body’s voice in the executive decision-making process.

Interested in joining SGA? Not only will you be able to develop a variety of practical and transferable skills such as time management, how to run a meeting, budget management, and event planning, SGA is also an excellent way to connect with students outside of one's class. Many of these relationships will extend into the future as fellow professionals and colleagues. Other benefits include:

  • Make a lasting, positive difference in the local community by bringing awareness to SCNM and naturopathic medicine
  • Develop leadership skills necessary to succeed in practice as a doctor
  • Help build community within the student body
  • Discover passions and strengths within various roles
  • Build self-confidence in public speaking and overcoming challenges

SGA is committed to representing and serving you. The decisions made within SGA have a significant impact on SCNM policy and issues that affect current as well as future students. Take advantage of the many resources and opportunities available to you here—the SCNM experience provides many opportunities for you to connect academically, socially, and culturally.

SGA executive board

President: Ryan Abdelnour
Vice President: Ashley Stein
VP of Finance: Aubree Ziegler
Secretary: Sydney Schroeder
VP of Communications: Avni Dalal
VP of Events: Natalie Scheeler
VP of Clubs: Dayne Sullivan
VP of Academic/Clinical Affairs: Suzanne Randle Darby
Student Member of Board of Trustees: Lauren Lattanza