Tempe, Arizona - the perfect location

SCNM is a community that believes in the healing power of nature. Spending time in sunshine, staying active and feeling the grass and earth beneath your feet does wonders for your physical and mental wellness. The amazing part of living in Arizona is the variety of experiences available to you. 

SCNM is located in Tempe, part of the Phoenix metropolitan area, one of the top 10 largest metropolitan areas in the nation. It is also the most affordable cities home to a naturopathic medical school.

Living in Arizona, you'll also have endless opportunities to step outside of the metropolitan area and explore the outdoors. With amazing landscapes minutes from campus and sunny weather all year-round, your life in Tempe will be one filled with moments from nature from sunrise to sunset. 

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Tempe is the most affordable compared with all other naturopathic medical schools.

Nature and Parks
With its numerous parks and preserves, Tempe is an incredible place to enjoy the weather and the beautiful scenery. Some of its main attractions include the Desert Arboretum Park, Papago Park, and Tempe Town Lake. The Desert Arboretum displays more than 300 species of plants from numerous areas of the desert. In addition, Papago Park, known for its immense buttes, is just a short drive from campus and offers incredible hiking and recreational areas. Lastly, Tempe Town Lake, an artificial reservoir, is located just a few miles north west of campus. The lake offers easy to use bike paths, paddle boats, kayaks, and benches with incredible views of the water. Tempe is the perfect place for a lot of things, especially if you need some time to destress or find a place to do some studying.

Farmer’s Markets
Organic produce might be the last thing on your mind when you think of the Arizona Desert. However, Arizona is home to a wide number of organic farms and local farmers markets. Many of our students enjoy checking out the local farmers markets, which are a great way to get some of the freshest fruit in the valley and enjoy a weekend morning in the sun. Tempe offers an array of local farmers markets from Rays Market to the Farmers market at ASU Tempe Campus to Singh Meadows. Furthermore, just a short drive from campus is the Ahwatukee and Mesa Community Farmers Market. Whether you’re just looking to explore the beauty of Tempe or need to grab food for the week, the Tempe and nearby farmer’s markets have just what you need to fuel and conquer your next task.

Yoga at your fingertips
In current times, there seems to be a yoga studio on every street, and Tempe is no exception with more than 20 studios throughout. It won’t take long for you to encounter your first yoga experience as a student at SCNM. Just a few steps onto campus is our own yoga studio that offers different types of classes for all skill levels. Therefore, students at SCNM do not need to travel far to channel their inner peace and take a break from school life. However, maybe you want to explore the numerous studios throughout Tempe or the five that sit within two miles of campus.

Healthy Food Options
We know that our students are health conscious and that it can sometimes be hard to find meals to fit a dietary need when eating at a restaurant. The good news is that Tempe and the surrounding Phoenix area are comprised of many healthy eating options. Check out the Tempe Tourism’s list of healthy options in Tempe. Also, the local Tempe area has numerous options for our students who are Vegan. To be exact, there are 5 vegan restaurants within 10 minutes of campus and several more throughout the Tempe and Phoenix Area. Lastly, don’t forget to check out the 20 vegan restaurants and 4 vegan food festivals around Phoenix.